The word batik derived from the Javanese word 'ambatik' . It means 'a cloth to be painted with little dots'. The suffix 'tik' means little dot, drop, point or to make dots. Batik originate from the Javanese word 'tritik' which describes a resist process for  tie dying techniques applied on fabrics. The fabrics which might used for batik are cotton, viscose, and silk, since those fabrics could absorb the wax as main materials for proceeding batik painting or stamp.

We are originate from Solo, Central Java in which famously known as Javanese heritage central. Solo which the motto is 'Spirit of Java' being centre of Javanese heritage, one of those cultural heritage is 'Batik'. Batik Solo has special pattern and motif which has been rewarded as special fabrics for aristocrats of Java Palace.

As the time passed by, those batik can be commonly used by all people. And we are very proud for UNESCO which has been rewarded 'Batik' as Indonesian cultural heritage. Here we would be appreaciate for all and with proud we introduce our Batik to the world.

We experienced in Batik production since 1974. We start our Batik process in Traditional Painting method and Stamp method. Traditional painting process needs longer time than stamp process. That's one reason why traditional batik painting is more expensive than batik stamp.

As being more modern, there is method for faster and more economic to proceed Batik pattern. So, we offer those three method as customer's choice. Those methods are traditional painting, stamp, and printing.